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Irrupt Miami Beach Waveforms WAV

What could possibly be better than a day outside, lounging on a perfect sandy beach with a cool drink in hand, breathing in fresh air, feeling the heat of the sunshine and realizing you’ve got nothing to do? The only thing that can make this situation better is the ideal music to accompany the moment.

Watching the surrounding setting of the beach, admiring the sinking sun as it reflects over the ripples of the sea and day fades into night. Hearing a deep, warm and feel-good thump coming from the selected music being played in the distance while the silhouttes of people groove to the beats. The sound of the beach is one of smiling faces, coconut cocktails and soulful grooves. Create your next tune to reflect the summertime sunshine, with Miami Beach Waveforms – a pack of components specially created to bring the beach feeling to your home studio. Uplifting melodies, soft kick drums, light and breezy instruments and catchy vocal snippets offer assistance in perfecting the sounds of the best days out lounging (or dancing) by the cool waves.

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