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VA Ц Glasgow Underground 2021 (Traxsource Exclusive Extended DJ Versions) [GU675TX] download for free

VA Ц Glasgow Underground 2021 (Traxsource Exclusive Extended DJ Versions) [GU675TX]

RELEASE TITLE:VA Ц Glasgow Underground 2021 (Traxsource Exclusive Extended DJ Versions) [GU675TX]
GENRES:Tech House, Deep House, House,
RELEASE DATE:2022-01-06

1. Ruben Mandolini Ц On & On (Kevin McKay Extended Remix)
2. DuBeats, Bondar Ц Through Changes (Extended Mix)
3. Angelo Ferreri Ц Oh Honey (Extended Mix)
4. Kevin McKay, DJ Mark Brickman Ц CominТ Home Baby (David Penn and KPD Extended Remix)
5. Space Motion Ц Feel My Body (Extended Mix)
6. Julian Kid Ц Wish I DidnТt Miss You (Extended Mix)
7. Arturo Macchiavelli, Lee Wilson Ц Hold On My Heart (Zetbee Extended Remix)
8. Roog Ц Move On Up (Extended Mix)
9. Sven Kerkhoff Ц Hear The Music (Extended Mix)
10. Kevin McKay, James Silk Ц The Trip (Extended Mix)
11. Kevin McKay Ц Move Your Body (Elevation) (KevinТs Extended ViP)
12. Sam Dexter Ц Real Love Feat. Elliotte Williams-NТDure (MallinТs СSweet TouchТ Extended Remix)
13. Mateo & Matos, Kevin McKay Ц Release The Rhythm (Kevin McKay Extended Remix)
14. Sven Kerkhoff Ц Shine (Extended Mix)
15. DJ Kone & Marc Palacios Ц Asunwana (Extended Mix)
16. Kevin McKay, Wayne Hernandez Ц Hit The Road Jack (Extended Mix)
17. Ludo Lacoste Ц Angela (Extended Mix)
18. Duwayne Motley, Tasty Lopez, Kevin McKay Ц Walking On Sunshine (Kevin McKay Extended Remix)
19. Freiboitar, Music P Ц Dance (Extended Mix)
20. Kevin McKay Ц Move Ya Body (Extended Mix)
21. Westend Ц Get This Party Started (Extended Mix)
22. Bohemien, Liliya Ц Shall Be There Feat. Liliya (Extended Mix)
23. Gruuve Ц Cloud (Extended Mix)
24. Kevin McKay, Alex Gewer, Tasty Lopez Ц Miss You (Extended Mix)
25. Kevin McKay, Phebe Edwards Ц AinТt NothinТ Going On But The Rent (Extended Mix)
26. Jess Bays Ц Every Little Thing (Stanny Abram Extended Remix)
27. Harvee Ц Take It Back (Kevin McKay Extended Edit)
28. Zetbee Ц Give It To Me (Extended Mix)
29. Kevin McKay Ц Come Together (Kevin McKay, Fhaken & Yo Land Extended ViP Edit)
30. Kevin McKay Ц Deeper Underground (Extended Mix)
31. Discosteps Ц LetТs Talk (Extended Mix)
32. Mallin Ц Off My Mind (Extended Mix)
33. Travis Emmons, Brett Rubin Ц Dust Off (Extended Mix)
34. Gruuve Ц Alright (Extended Mix)
35. Brett Rubin, Vibonacci Ц Addikted (Extended Mix)
36. Nas Elmes Ц A House Thing (Extended Mix)
37. Kevin McKay, Norman Doray Ц Let Me Work On You (Extended Mix)
38. Mallin, Liv Campbell Ц In The Mood (Extended Mix)
39. HP Vince Ц That Feeling (Extended Mix)
40. Gab Rhome Ц Amour (Extended Mix)
41. DJ Marlon, KO-BE Ц Open Your Love (Kevin McKay Extended Remix)
42. Kevin McKay, Flows, Betty Wright Ц Open The Door To Your Heart (Extended Mix)
43. Alex Gewer Ц No No No (Extended Mix)
44. Zetbee Ц Hold Me Close (Extended Mix)
45. HP Vince, Yvvan Back Ц Clear My Mind (Extended Mix)
46. DJManuel, Suki Soul Ц Thinking About My Touch (Extended Mix)
47. Harvee Ц The Way (Extended Mix)
48. Peter Brown Ц Wanna Get Down (Extended Mix)
49. T-Bor, Jessica Rhodes Ц On and On (Extended Mix)
50. Travis Emmons, Soul Bombs Ц Legends Never Die (Extended Mix)

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