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Stelios Vassiloudis - All Else Fails

Label Balance Music
Styles Electronica
Date 2022-03-25
Catalog # BALANCE004D
Length 56:21
Tracks 10

01. End Transmission 5:56
02. Too Litle Too Late 3:52
03. Ashes 5:29
04. Mother 4:20
05. Neon Dream 3:14
06. White Cells 5:48
07. Avissos 4:09
08. Womb 9:09
09. All Else Fails 6:35
10. Time to Die 7:49

Stelios Vassiloudis enters an inspiring new phase as he unveils his sophomore LP 'All Else Fails'. Ten years on from the release of his debut LP, Stelios' detail oriented offerings remain incomprehensibly thought provoking and thorough with this new album. Noticeably dissimilar to any previous efforts, Stelios consciously took a step back from the pressure of maintaining a steadily flowing supply of functional, club oriented music and as the world stood still amidst the pandemic, he embraced the opportunity to reconnect and express himself with a broader musical vocabulary. He admits that: "with the world around us seemingly on the fast track to Armageddon, the music ended up being very much reflective of the sadness and helplessness I felt. "

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