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Hazem Beltagui - VIVID [Future Sound Of Egypt]

Artist: Hazem Beltagui
Label: Future Sound Of Egypt
Catalog: FSOECD005
Released: 20.04.2018
Type: Album
Style: Electronic, Progressive Trance, Trance

1. Made Of Light (05:08)
2. Reasons To Love (04:38)
3. You Were Always Mine (feat Ataberk Onal) (05:18)
4. Fade Away (feat Rebecca Louise Burch) (06:14)
5. Lights (05:46)
6. Hypnotize (04:48)
7. Nelly (04:41)
8. Back Home (feat Adara) (05:37)
9. A Bit Of Peace (05:00)
10. As We Fall (04:52)
11. On My Own (04:31)
12. Maybe It's You (feat Avenue One & Jaren) (04:42)
13. Only You (05:26)
14. Dreamers (05:35)
15. We Will Live Forever (05:30)
16. Something Inside (06:19)
17. The Paradox (03:55)

gyptian mastermind and dance music pioneer, Hazem Beltagui delivers his debut album on Future Sound of Egypt - VIVID. Featuring no less than 17 first-class records, this album paints a picture of musical diversity from its introduction to the final beat. It is clear that Hazem's inspiration spans not only dance music, but all genres, which makes VIVID such a special concept.

The album features the voices of 3 stunning vocalists, from Adara to Jaren and Rebecca Louise Burch, who each add their own unique and touching talents. The opening track, 'Made Of Light' is a beautiful instrumental with minimal influences while it pays tribute to a lost soul and one of dance music's most passionate friends. 'Reasons To Love' is a progressive house fan's dream with melodic flavor throughout and the anthemic Trance finale, 'The Paradox' delivers that hit of pure energy to round off such an all-encompassing album.

Future Sound of Egypt proudly presents Hazem Beltagui - VIVID.




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