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VA - TOP 100  BEATPORT TRANCE  August 2017

Artist: VA
Title: TOP 100 BEATPORT TRANCE August 2017
Store Date: 04.09.2017
Quality: CBR 320 kbps
Size: ~1.46 GB

7Wonders - Our Time (Extended Mix) [Universal Nation].mp3
A & Z - 8 Years Later (Extended Mix) [FSOE].mp3
A.R.D.I., Gerome - A Place In Heaven (Extended Mix) [AVA White].mp3
Abhishek Y2v, Amy Kirkpatrick - The Goddess (Original Mix) [FSOE Excelsior].mp3
Adrian Font - Closer (Extended Mix) [M.I.K.E. Push Studio Indigo].mp3
Akkiles - Ball Pool Knife Fight (Original Mix) [Mashbuk Recordings].mp3
Alex Wright - Planetaria (Extended Mix) [Pure Trance].mp3
Alexander Popov - Awake The Flow (Extended Mix) [Armind (Armada)].mp3
Ametrine - Vines Of Jade (Japeboy Remix) [Glowlight Records].mp3
Anden State - EVA (Original Mix) [Alter Ego Records].mp3
Anthony Nikita - Comfort Zone (Original Mix) [Nueva].mp3
Arkham Knights - Fractured Future (Extended Mix) [Coldharbour Recordings].mp3
Athom - Lullaby (Original Mix) [Freegrant Music].mp3
Aurosonic, Sue McLaren - Captured By Gravity (Omar Sherif Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records (RazNitzanMusic)].mp3
Avancada, Darius & Finlay - Xplode (Grahham Bell & Yoel Lewis Extended Remix) [Armind (Armada)].mp3
AxelPolo - Zodiac (Original Mix) [Freegrant Music].mp3
Beatsole - Before I Wake (Extended Mix) [A State Of Trance].mp3
Ben Ashley - Panama (Original Mix) [Blackout Trance].mp3
Ben Ashley - Paradise (Danny Stephen Remix) [Alter Ego Records].mp3
Ben Ashley - Paradise (Original Mix) [Alter Ego Records].mp3
Ben Gold - Twilight (Extended Mix) [Whos Afraid Of 138!!].mp3
Chris Schweizer - Rapture (Extended Mix) [Whos Afraid Of 138!!].mp3
Christian Monique, Denjse - Angel (Instrumental Mix) [Addictive Sounds].mp3
Chronosapien - Celeste (Extended Mix) [State Control Records].mp3
Claire Willis, Denis Kenzo - U & I (Extended Mix) [Denis Kenzo Recordings].mp3
Cosmic Gate, Eric Lumiere - Bigger Than We Are (Extended Mix) [Wake Your Mind Records].mp3
Danny Stephen, Astony - Hanzo (Original Mix) [White Soho].mp3
Dark Fusion - Ressentir (Extended Mix) [Universal Nation].mp3
Dave Moz Mozo - Always Sweet (Original Mix) [Mysterious Station].mp3
David Broaders - Cala Bassa (Extended Mix) [Infrasonic Pure].mp3
Diago - Colvillea (Original Mix) [Blue Soho Recordings].mp3
DreamLife - Eternal Love (Original Mix) [Pulsar Recordings].mp3
Elite Electronic, Kirill Anisimov, One Half Bear - Human (Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records (RazNitzanMusic)].mp3
Emanuele Braveri - Destination Summer (Extended Mix) [VANDIT Records].mp3
Etamin - Covenant (Original Mix) [Tangled Audio].mp3
Eximinds, The Enturance - Magrathea (Extended Mix) [A State Of Trance].mp3
Fady & Mina - Celia (Extended Mix) [FSOE].mp3
Fatum - Stained Glass (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats].mp3
Fatum - Sugar Free (Extended Mix) [Armind (Armada)].mp3
Floe, Tycoos - Intempestus (Extended Mix) [M.I.K.E. Push Studio].mp3
Flowjob - Leviathan (Original Mix) [In Trance We Trust].mp3
Frainbreeze - Confession (Extended Mix) [Suanda Music].mp3
Frainbreeze, Vika - Better Day (Extended Mix) [Suanda Voice].mp3
Fresh Code - Time Goes By (Cosmic Heaven Remix) [Lifted Audio Recordings].mp3
Gaia - Saint Vitus (Extended Mix) [Armind (Armada)].mp3
Harnam, Milad E - Dreams Fall Down (Altran Remix) [Alter Ego Progressive].mp3
Hiromori Aso - Lost In Thought (Alex Immersion Remix) [Sorcery Records].mp3
Hit The Bass - Falcon (Original Mix) [Silent Shore Progressive].mp3
Jackob Rocksonn, Mikolaj Gnap - Atlantis (Original Mix) [Vasilek Records].mp3
Joel Freck, Frank Kadillac - Violet Rose (Extended Mix) [Ride Recordings].mp3
Joonas Hahmo, K-System - Manana (Extended Mix) [Statement!].mp3
Joseph Crawford, Kevin Black - Stars (Original Mix) [Mashbuk Music].mp3
Julie Thompson, Ciaran McAuley - We Are The Night (Extended Mix) [Black Hole Recordings].mp3
Karanda - Quest (Original Mix) [Essentializm (RAZNITZANMUSIC)].mp3
Kayan Code - We Set The Sunset (Original Mix) [Extrema Global Music].mp3
Kristoffer Ljungberg, Dino Rano - Circles (Original Mix) [Macarize].mp3
Last Soldier - Clear Days (Original Mix) [Emergent Skies].mp3
Manuel Rocca - Meru (Extended Mix) [AVA White].mp3
Marco V - It's Black (Extended Mix) [In Charge (Be Yourself Music)].mp3
Markus Schulz, Cosmic Gate - AR (Extended Mix) [Wake Your Mind Records].mp3
Martire, Khaos - Layla (District IV Remix) [Del Sol Music].mp3
Matt X - Navajo (Original Mix) [Sunstate Records].mp3
Max Meyer - Monte Cara (Extended Mix) [Statement!].mp3
Memory Loss - Maybe Tomorrow (Ferry Tayle Extended Remix) [AVA White].mp3
Mitiska - Sparrow (Extended Mix) [Ride Recordings].mp3
Motion Sound - Theater Of Shattered Dreams (Original Mix) [Entrancing Music].mp3
Nikolauss - Obscurus (Original Mix) [AVA White].mp3
Nolans Stenemberg - You (Original Mix) [Maraphobia].mp3
Nuestro - Circle Of Time (Original Mix) [Arkham Digital].mp3
Oleg Farrier - Phoenix (Original Mix) [Andea Music].mp3
Omnia, Cathy Burton - Searchlight (Extended Mix) [A State Of Trance].mp3
Orjan Nilsen - Hi There Radio (Extended Mix) [Armind (Armada)].mp3
Orjan Nilsen, Ida - Drowning (Extended Mix) [In My Opinion (Armada)].mp3
Patric Arcee - Andromeda (Original Mix) [Trance All-Stars Records].mp3
Peter Steele - Phoenix (Original Mix) [Pure Trance].mp3
Physical Phase - Believe (Original Mix) [Arkham Digital].mp3
Physical Vibes - Escape Reality (Evgeny Pacuk Remix) [Aurora Melodies].mp3
Rebecca Burch, Max Ryan - Heartbeat (Extended Mix) [In Sessions].mp3
Rebecca Louise, FAWZY - Escape The Euphoria (Original Mix) [Elevation Audio].mp3
Ron with Leeds - Legacy (Extended Mix) [Monster Pure].mp3
Ruben De Ronde, Rodg, Chloe - When Youre Gone (Extended Mix) [Statement!].mp3
S.H.O.K.K - Derecho (Guy Alexander Remix) [HTE Recordings].mp3
Sandro Mireno - Repentance (Original Mix) [Atmosfera Records].mp3
Sheridan Grout - Escape (Extended Mix) [A State Of Trance].mp3
Skylex - Elantris (Original Mix) [In Trance We Trust].mp3
Steve Allen - The World (Extended Mix) [Universal Nation].mp3
Temple One - Reunited (Extended Mix) [Always Alive Recordings].mp3
The Avains - Forever Is Back (Original Mix) [Trance All-Stars Records].mp3
The Blizzard, Carol Lee - Always A Stranger (Extended Mix) [RNM (RazNitzanMusic)].mp3
TheRio, Kloset - Selenophile (Extended Mix) [AVA Recordings (Black Hole)].mp3
Tiddey - Futuna (Extended Mix) [Whos Afraid Of 138!!].mp3
Tim Mason - Twelve Beats (Extended Mix) [DOORN RECORDS].mp3
Tony Grand, YURI PIKE - In My Mind (Original Mix) [Melodika Music].mp3
ToShuk - Midnight (Ian Source Remix) [Sundance Recordings].mp3
TrancEye - Distant Dream (Extended Mix) [Redux Recordings].mp3
tranzLift - Magical Journey (Alternate High Remix) [Beyond The Stars Recordings].mp3
Trian - Regrets (Andrew, White Remix) [Addictive Sounds].mp3
Trian - Regrets (Original Mix) [Addictive Sounds].mp3
Victor Special - Day Before Change (Original Mix) [Sky Academy Records].mp3
Zoe Song, Sophia Omarji - Frozen In Time (Nolans Stenemberg Remix) [Maraphobia Vocalized].mp3

VA - TOP 100 BEATPORT TRANCE August 2017.rar

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