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Beatport Top 100 Melodic House & Techno 2021 download for free

Beatport Top 100 Melodic House & Techno 2021

Artist : VA
Title : Beatport Top 100 Melodic House & Techno 2021
Genre : Melodic House & Techno
Date : February-2021
Quality : 320 kbps
Source : WEB

Tracklist :

01. 8Kays Ц Triangle (Original Mix) [Oddity Records]
02. Aera Ц DevilТs Gap (Original Mix) [Applied Magic]
03. Aera Ц Jack Leather (Original Mix) [Applied Magic]
04. Aiwaska Ц Darkness (Patrice BaћИumel Remix) [Exploited Ghetto]
05. Andhim Ц Better Days (Original Mix) [Monaberry]
06. Andre Lodemann Ц Miss You (Original Mix) [Siamese]
07. Andre Lodemann Ц Still Searching feat. Nathalie Claude (New Jackson Remix) [Siamese]
08. Andre Lodemann Ц Still Searching feat. Nathalie Claude (Original Mix) [Siamese]
09. Andre Lodemann Ц Still Searching feat. Nathalie Claude (Shiffer Remix) [Siamese]
10. Angelov Ц Tesera (Original Mix) [Frau Blau]
11. Archaellum Ц Reflections [This Never Happened]
12. ARTBAT & Dino Lenny Ц Fading [Afterlife Records]
13. Auggie Ц Imperfecto (Original Mix) [ISOLATE]
14. Bell Towers Ц Want You (Need You Adam Port Remix) [Public Possession]
15. Ben BoћИhmer & Tinlicker Ц Run Away (feat. Felix Raphael [Extended Mix]) [Sekora]
16. Blancah Ц Signs of Bliss [Hiato Music]
17. Bob Moses & ZHU Ц Desire (Solomun Remix) [Domino]
18. CamelPhat Ц Easier (feat. Lowes) [RCA Records Label]
19. CamelPhat, Will Easton Ц Witching Hour (Extended Mix) [RCA Records Label]
20. CamelPhat, Yannis Ц Hypercolour (ARTBAT Remix) [RCA Records Label]
21. Chasing Kurt, Ed Ed Ц Naked Walls feat. Chasing Kurt (Original Mix) [Get Physical Music]
22. CIOZ Ц Cosmic Noise (Original Mix) [Stil Vor Talent]
23. CIOZ Ц Suddenly Silence (Original Mix) [Stil Vor Talent]
24. Coeus Ц Echoes (Original Mix) [Oddity Records]
25. Cristoph Ц SFB (Original Mix) [Anjunadeep]
26. D-Nox, Baya, LENN V Ц Silence (Jerome Isma-Ae Extended Remix) [Armada Electronic Elements]
27. Dosem Ц Eternal Summer (Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep]
28. Drop Department Ц Lyna (Original Mix) [Freegrant Music]
29. Edone Ц Cramp [Bedrock Records]
30. Edone Ц Freedom [Bedrock Records]
31. Edone Ц Ruled by Inept [Bedrock Records]
32. Einmusik & Jonas Saalbach Ц Immerse [Einmusika Recordings]
33. Einmusik & SKALA Ц Carnival [Einmusika Recordings]
34. Eli & Fur Ц Otherside (Dosem Extended Remix) [SPINNIN' DEEP]
35. EN√ШS Ц Origins [Afterlife Records]
36. Fabrication Ц Dustpig (Original Mix) [Recovery Collective]
37. Fabrication Ц Hot Foot (Original Mix) [Recovery Collective]
38. Franky Wah, AETHO Ц Should Have Seen It Coming feat. AETHO (Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep]
39. Fritz Kalkbrenner Ц Golden (Fideles Remix [Extended Mix]) [BMG Rights Management GmbH]
40. Frost Ц Overtones (Proff Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep].mp3
41. Fur Coat Ц The Mist (Original Mix) [Renaissance Records]
42. Guy Gerber Ц What To Do (&ME Remix) [Rumors]
43. Hidden Empire Ц Resurgence (Original Mix) [Stil Vor Talent]
44. Hidden Empire, Bebetta Ц All Of Us (Original Mix) [Stil Vor Talent]
45. Howling Ц Bind (Rampa Remix) [Counter Records]
46. ImpeћБrieux Ц Smooth Skinned Prince (Original Mix) [ISOLATE]
47. Innellea Ц The Verge [Afterlife Records]
48. Jean Vayat, Artaria Ц Fatum [Shango Records]
49. Jean Vayat, Artaria Ц Storm [Shango Records]
50. Jean Vayat, Evelynka Ц Your Rain (Original Mix) [Harabe]
51. Jerro Ц Go Back Now (feat. Beacon [Extended Mix]) [Anjunadeep]
52. Kalmer Ц Entrance (Original Mix) [Black Rose Recordings]
53. Karmarin Ц Selene (Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep]
54. Kevin de Vries Ц Polar Peak [Afterlife Records]
55. Kiko & Citizen Kain Ц Pancho Villa [Afterlife Records]
56. Lane 8 Ц Oh, Miles (feat. Julia Church) [This Never Happened]
57. London Grammar Ц Lose Your Head CamelPhat (Extended Remix) [Ministry of Sound Recordings]
58. Malou, Ben Bohmer Ц Lost In Mind (Volen Sentir Extended Vision) [Anjunadeep]
59. Marc Holstege Ц Boy in the Garden (Moonwalk Remix) [Stil Vor Talent]
60. Marino Canal Ц Radiance (Original Mix) [Siamese]
61. Marsh Ц Beech Street (Simon Doty Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep]
62. Marsh Ц There for Me (Amonita Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep]
63. Marsh, Phenoir & Mariel Beausejour Ц DonТt Wait (Frost Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep]
64. Max Freegrant, Slow Fish Ц Are U Real [Freegrant Music]
65. Mikey Lion Ц Above the Clouds [Desert Hearts Records]
66. Mind Against Ц Isolate [Afterlife Records]
67. Monkey Safari Ц Safe [Spectrum (NL)]
68. Monolink Ц Father Ocean (Ben BoћИhmer Remix) [Embassy One]
69. Monolink Ц Return to Oz (Artbat Remix) [Embassy One]
70. Moullinex, GPU Panic, Patrice Baumel Ц Inner Child (Patrice BaћИumel Extended Remix) [Discotexas]
71. Nora En Pure Ц Cognitive Fadings (Club Mix) [Enormous Tunes]
72. Nora En Pure Ц Monsoon (Extended Mix) [Enormous Tunes]
73. Nora En Pure Ц World of Rules (Extended Mix) [Enormous Tunes]
74. Nox Vahn & Marsh Ц Come Together (Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep]
75. OIBAF&WALLEN Ц Atlante [Eklektisch]
76. Pezzner Ц I Am You (DJ T. Remix) [Get Physical Music]
77. Qualysto Ц Reach Out (Thomas Schwartz & Fausto Fanizza Extended Remix) [Purified]
78. Radeckt Ц Corroded Mind (Original Mix) [TAU]
79. Rhodes, CamelPhat, ARTBAT Ц For a Feeling (Extended Mix) [RCA Records Label]
80. Rhodes, CamelPhat, ARTBAT Ц For a Feeling (Layton Giordani Remix) [RCA Records Label]
81. Rinzen Ц Some Good Here (feat. Anaphase) [This Never Happened]
82. Robert Babicz Ц Utopia (Bog Remix) [Systematic Recordings]
83. Robert Miles Ц Children (Undercatt Remix) [Smilax Records]
84. Sailor & I, ARTBAT Ц Best of Me feat. Sailor & I (Original Mix) [METAPHYSICAL]
85. Silky Sunday, Snoux Ц Whole World (Frankey & Sandrino Remix) [Rebirth]
86. Solomun Ц Home (Club Mix) [ChillYourMind]
87. Sono Ц Keep Control (ARTBAT Remix) [Kontor Records]
88. Space Motion Ц Feel My Body (Extended Mix) [Glasgow Underground]
89. Spada, Camden Cox Ц Voodoo (Extended Mix) [AFTR HRS]
90. Stephan Jolk Ц A Declaration of Love [Afterlife Records]
91. Stylo & Goom Gum Ц Teleport (Original Mix) [Space Motion Records]
92. Super Flu, Angelov Ц Erq (Original Mix) [Monaberry]
93. Tale Of Us & Fideles Ц Vanishing [Afterlife Records]
94. Trentemoller Ц Moan (Tim Engelhardt Remix) [Poker Flat Recordings]
95. Tube & Berger, Goatchy Ц All I Want feat. Goatchy (Extended Mix) [AFTRHRS]
96. Westbam, Richard Butler Ц You Need The Drugs (&ME Remix) [Keinemusik]
97. Yotto Ц Observer (Original Mix) [Siamese]
98. Yotto & Cassian Ц Grains (Extended Mix) [Odd One Out]
99. yotto, Cassian Ц Inter (Extended Mix) [Odd One Out]
100. Zoo Brazil Ц Step by Step (Original Mix) [Monaberry]



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