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Riley Reinhold - Tour De Traum XVII

Artist: Riley Reinhold
Label: Traum Schallplatten
Catalog: TRAUMCDDIG 44
Released: 05.07.2019
Type: Compilation
Style: Electronic, Lossless, Deep House, Downtempo, Progressive, Tech House, Techno

1. Emde, Clock (IT) Ц Time (Original Mix)6:52
2. Tas Kessler Ц Maitage (Original Mix)9:34
3. Davidovitch Ц Digital Moon (Original Mix)6:34
4. Room Service (DE) Ц Never Ending Story (Original Mix)8:35
5. Henning Richter Ц Berlin (Original Mix)5:00
6. Vruno, Robin Schellenberg Ц Tomcito (Original Mix)7:54
7. Filter Bear Ц A Cloud Without A Home (Original Mix)7:40
8. Yannek Maunz Ц Oncealive (feat. Johanson) (Original Mix)6:05
9. Peter Shik Ц Summernights (Original Mix)6:33
10. Huminal Ц Hedonica (Original Mix)5:15
11. Andy Moon Ц Philaes Landing (Original Mix)10:57
12. Mikrochip Mafia Ц What You Like (Original Mix)4:21
13. Riamiwo Ц Helion (Original Mix)7:13
14. Nasca, Feroui Ц Digitized Interactions (Original Mix)4:21
15. Gabs Ц The Inner Workings (Original Mix)6:58
16. Deep In Calm Ц Astral Shadows (Original Mix)5:36
17. Sebastian Fleischer Ц Lake (Original Mix)7:13
18. Holly North Ц Angel Hair (Original Mix)7:54
19. Jaksa Pavicevic Ц Spectra (Original Mix)8:46
20. Keygenlog Ц Smart Concentration (Original Mix)5:04
21. Zoi (CA) Ц Last Night (Original Mix)5:13
22. QuiQui Ц Gain Control (Original Mix)7:46
23. Dani Sbert Ц Mature (Original Mix)7:32
24. GRDN. Ц Duhnen (Original Mix)5:57
25. Floyd Hoogendijk Ц Random Effect (Original Mix)6:44
26. Cosma Castiglia Ц Octave (Original Mix)7:52
27. Deeplomat & Dublatov Ц Ribera (feat. Reiku) (Original Mix)6:26
28. The Two Doctors Ц A Walk In The Black Forest (Original Mix)8:24
29. Mentat Ц Entropy (Original Mix)7:25
30. Fabrik Way Ц Parousia (Original Mix)8:20
31. Lukas Bilz Ц Distance (Original Mix)7:26
32. Dan Baber Ц Avoid (Original Mix)7:04
33. Tribalanza Ц Innergazer (Original Mix)6:21
34. Darper Ц Owl (Original Mix)8:06
35. Geist Ц Totem (Original Mix)8:42
36. Flembaz Ц Warping (Original Mix)5:22
37. The Öbjektz Ц Paused (Original Mix)4:58
38. Hassan Abou Alam, Tanya Ahmed Ц Run (Original Mix)6:08
39. Max Kuffel Ц Botsuana Braindance (Original Mix)6:00
40. DarKantik Ц Stack (Original Mix)5:59
41. Otto Diels Ц Sand Castles (Original Mix)7:20
42. The Untergang Ц Return (Original Mix)4:02
43. Philippe Cam Ц Karine (Original Mix)9:48
44. Harald Grosskopf, Ümit Han, Siegfried Karcher, Moogulator, Andreas Kolinsk Ц Improvisation 51105 (Original Mix)13:17
45. Mo Mirxa, d0nask Ц Late Last Night (Original Mix)7:08
46. Ümit Han Ц On Living (Original Mix)3:49
47. Sunspot (NL) Ц In The Air (Original Mix)4:26
48. Aichenbach Ц Anti-Gravity (Original Mix)4:42
49. Nanopix Ц Les Vides Sont Plaints (Original Mix)3:06
50. Riley Reinhold Ц Tour De Traum XVII Pt 1 (Continious Mix)2:30:55
51. Riley Reinhold Ц Tour De Traum XVII Pt 2 (Continious Mix)2:25:40

Tour De Traum 17 reflects the development in music with more talents to surface who write music left and right of the dance floor and combines it with some artist who are in the club circuit heavily playing. Tour De Traum 17 kicks off with a familiar face Emde who has worked with Traum in the past and who has teamed up here with Clock. Their track "Time" is a smooth operator, working with a continuous rhythm and a steady and relaxed progression of sound that can make your day. Tas Kessler provides the follow up tune "Maitage" a superb deep and moody track that feels likes sun on your skin. All done in a kind of slow motion sensation. Davidovitch returns to Tour De Traum with "Digital Moon" as great soul anthem of a house track natured by some Philly Sound spirit, which we like very much. Deep grooving music for the people who look for understatement. Room Service consists of Herr Rossi & Marco Gorek who are known in Germany as true performers when it comes to techno music.

VA - Tour De Traum XVII MIXED FLAC.rar
VA - Tour De Traum XVII (unmixed Tracks) [Traum Schallplatten] FLAC-2019.rar


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