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Traxsource Top 100 Nu Disco Indie Dance (01 January 2019) download for free

Traxsource Top 100 Nu Disco Indie Dance (01 January 2019)

Artist: VA
Title: Traxsource Top 100 Nu Disco Indie Dance (01 January 2019)
Genre: Deep House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Quality: 320 kbps

Addison Groove Ц F1nk [Groove]
Alexander Koning, Dave Leatherman Ц Self Made [Suppressed Energy]
Apparel Wax Ц 005A1 [Apparel Music]
Art Of Tones Ц Radio Hustle (Original Mix) [Local Talk]
Arthur Reynolds, Nicolass Ц Something Strange (Nicolass Disco Mix) [Blast Records]
Barry&Gibbs Ц Let Her Dance (Original Mix) [Sakura Music].mp3
Bawrut Ц Pioneers (Original Mix) [Pets Recordings]
BIRDEE Ц In N Out (Original Mix) [Re-Loved]
Body Heat Gang Band Ц I Feel the Love (Birdee Remix) [Body Heat]
Body Heat Gang Band Ц Play That Game (Angelo Ferreri) [Body Heat]
Captain Morgan Ц Cold Bloody (Original Mix) [Disco Revenge]
Castle Queenside Ц CharlyТs Ballad (Original Mix) [Sundries Digital]
Casual Connection Ц Love On The Dub (Original Mix) [M2MR]
Casual Connection Ц Somebody Help Me (Original Mix) [M2MR]
Chaka Kenn, Kenny Summit Ц Shame On You (Kenny SummitТs Tribute To Phife Mix) [Good For You Records]
Change, Re-Tide Ц Hold Tight (Re-Tide Remix Traxsource Exclusive) [Re-Tide Music]
Cody Currie Ц Alpha Bravo (Original Mix) [House Of Disco Records]
COEO Ц 1981 [Toy Tonics]
COEO Ц Cabrio Mango (Original Mix) [Toy Tonics]
Crew Funk, Lowheads, Traffol, Bianca Po Ц Take Your Time (Original Mix) [TR Records]
Crooked Colours Ц Do It Like You (Mickey Kojak Remix) [Sweat It Out]
D.C. LaRue Ц Cathedrals (JKriv Dub) [Z Records]
Da Lukas Ц DonТt Panic (Original Mix) [Cut Rec Promos]
Dirk Ц Dear Arthur (Original Mix) [Disco Balls Records]
DirtyDisco Ц The Truth feat. Adam Nova [Nurvous Records]
Disco Incorporated Ц Barry (Black Soul Music Mix) [MuzikxPress]
Disco Incorporated Ц Disco Piano (Vocal Disco House) [MuzikxPress]
Disco Incorporated Ц Fogo Eterno (Disco Funky Mix) [MuzikxPress]
DJ Koze Ц Pick Up (12_ Extended Disco Version) [Pampa Records]
DJ Koze Ц Pick Up (Original Mix) [Pampa Records]
DJ Violette Ц Amel & I [Villes et Fleurs]
Dominic Dawson Ц Outta My Hands [Disco Sonitus]
Dominic Dawson Ц We Ready [Disco Sonitus]
Doneyck, Alex Gomez Ц Everybody Dance (Original Mix) [Channel Six Music Company]
Doug Willis Ц Risky Biznizz (Joey Negro Bionic House Mix) [Z Records]
Doug Willis Ц Skate Dancer (Dr Packer Remix) [Z Records]
Dr Packer, Casual Connection Ц Rollerskating Jam (Disco Rap Mix) [M2MR]
Enrico BSJ Ferrari Ц La pizzotta dТ sorТta (Original Mix) [Traktoria]
Folamour Ц I Know It Has Been Done Before (Original Mix) [Delicieuse Records]
Full Intention, KORT Ц How Long (KORT Remix) [Tropical Velvet]
Funk The Beat Ц Clap Your Hands (Sex Machine Mix) [PPmusic]
Get To Know Ц The Big Throwdown [Midnight Riot]
Groove Motion Ц Try It (Original Mix) [Solid State Disco]
Guri Ц Devotion (Phonk D Remix) [Poetry in Motion]
HP Vince, Dave Leatherman Ц Hidden Love (Original Mix) [Springbok Records]
HP Vince, Dave Leatherman Ц Not Giving Up (Nu Disco Mix) [Springbok Records]
Hurlee Ц Fell in Love with Her [Villes et Fleurs]
Hurlee Ц Last Night (Original Mix) [Induction Muzic]
Isac Ц Chicken Sauce (Original Mix) [Drope Records LTD]
Jarred Gallo Ц Eyes On The Prize [Nurvous Records]
Jarred Gallo Ц Put Up Or Shut Up (Original Mix) [InStereo Recordings]
JKriv Ц Vertigo (Original Mix) [Z Records]
Joey Negro Ц Love Hangover (Micky More & Andy Tee Classic Disco Blend) [Z Records]
Joey Negro Ц Must Be The Music (Joey Negro 2am Disco Reprise) [Z Records]
Julian Sanza Ц All Connected (Original Mix) [Heartbeat Revolution]
Krystal Klear Ц Neutron Dance [Running Back]
Lifelike Ц The Chase (Extended Mix) [Club Sweat]
Luxxury Ц i wanna be EVERYTHING (Original Mix) [Nolita Records]
Manuel Costela Ц Look At Me (Original Mix) [Moiss Music]
Michael Gray Ц The Weekend (Michael Gray Glitterbox Mix) [Altra Moda Music]
Ministry Of Funk Ц Physical (Atraction House Mix) [MuzikxPress]
Ministry Of Funk Ц Rolling Stone (Papa Deep Groover) [MuzikxPress]
Moodena Ц GilТs Groove [Tropical Disco Records]
Moogy Bee Ц Try It (Again Original Mix) [Deponiente Records]
Moon Rocket, Re-Tide Ц Love Is The Message [Doomusic]
Moullinex Ц Daydream (Yuksek Remix) [Discotexas]
Mousse T. Ц Broken Blues (Purple Disco Machine Remix) [Peppermint Jam]
Mr.Patron Ц AnitaТs Bell (Single) [Tequila Trax]
Newcleus, Dr Packer Ц Jam On It (Dr Packer Remix) [M2MR]
Nicolass Ц Enjoy Yourself (Original Mix) [Blast Records]
Oliver Dollar Ц Jam Hot (Original Mix) [Industry Standard]
PANTALON Ц In the Nick of Time (Birdee Remix) [Ism Records]
PBR Streetgang Ц I Left My Heart (Cinthie Remix) [Skint Records]
Phenomenal Handclap Band Ц Judge Not (Ray Mang Disco Mix) [Toy Tonics]
Rafael Lambert, The Saint, Jack Boston Ц Everybody Get Down (Original Version) [Disco Explosion Records]
Re-Tide Ц Club Fever (Re-Tide Edit) [Cut Rec Promos]
Re-Tide Ц Everybody (Original Mix) [Cut Rec Promos]
Re-Tide Ц Funky Line (Original Mix) [Cut Rec Promos]
Redline, Husky Ц Let Me Show You Love Feat. Redline (Mark Lower Remix) [Vicious]
Right To Life, Micky More Ц Subway (Micky More Supersonic Mix) [Groove Culture]
Round Shaped Triangles, Art Of Tones Ц Better Apart (Art Of Tones Remix) [Sub_Urban]
Samaran Ц Paris Madness (Club) [Circa Т99]
Samma Lone Ц My Feelings [Uptown Boogie]
Sartorial Ц At Midnight (Original Mix) [Tropical Disco Records]
Sartorial Ц Feel It [Tropical Disco Records]
Sartorial Ц Know The Times (Original Mix) [Tropical Disco Records]
Sartorial, Moodena Ц Turn It Up [Tropical Disco Records]
Sartorial, Simon Kennedy Ц Welcome To The Disco [Tropical Disco Records]
Seamus Haji Ц Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (Dr Packer Remix [Dr Packer Remix]) [Big Love Music]
Simon Kennedy Ц One Number [Tropical Disco Records]
Situation, Andre Espeut, Andromeda Orchestra Ц What Is Going On_ (Andromeda Orchestra Remix) [Situationism]
Soul City Groovers, Pagany Ц Reach The Funk (Pagany Da Funk Mix) [Four Trax]
Stephane Deschezeaux Ц Sweet Melody (Original Mix) [Springbok Records]
Sunshine Anderson, Kenny Summit, Eric Kupper Ц Heard It All Before (Kenny Summit & Eric Kupper Remix) [Good For You Records]
That Needs An Edit Ц Affair in Spring [Masterworks Music]
The FamilyТs Jam Ц Boogie Power (Original Mix) [Springbok Records]
Twism & DJ Queen B, Twism, DJ Queen B Ц I Seen You Before (Original Mix) [Soulful Legends]
Twisted Soul Collective Ц Shake and Blow (Twisted Soul Collective Rework) [Twisted Soul Collective Records]
Yuksek Ц Showbiz Feat. Villa (Purple Disco Machine Edit) [Club Sweat]

Traxsource Top 100 Nu Disco Indie Dance (01 January 2019).zip


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