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VA - Glasgow Underground 1997-2017 [FLAC] download for free

VA - Glasgow Underground 1997-2017 [FLAC]

Label/Cat#: Glasgow Underground GU2177
Source: WEB
Release date: 2017-12-22
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps / FLAC
Genre: Electronic
Style: House / Tech House / Deep House / Progressive House / Indie Dance / Nu Disco / Techno

1. Muzique Tropique Voodoo Rhythm (Original Mix [2017 Remaster])7:11
2. DJ Q, Cassio Baby Love (Dj Qs Disco Beats [2017 Remaster])6:30
3. Romanthony Bring U Up (Unreleased Extended Version [2017 Remaster])7:45
4. Ian Pooley, Mateo & Matos Bodynsoul (Ian Pooleys Soul Mix [2015 Remaster])7:35
5. Larry Heard, Neon Heights, Zoe Johnston Are We Thru?(Feat. Zoe Johnston) (Larry Heards Underground Vibe Mix [2015 Remaster])8:04
6. Mateo & Matos Got a Message (Original Mix [2017 Remaster])6:46
7. Romanthony Down 4 U (Unreleased Extended Version [2017 Remaster])8:27
8. Mateo & Matos, Kings Of Tomorrow The Real Thing (Kot Underground Mix [2015 Remaster])6:36
9. Romanthony & DJ Predator Handz N Dair (Original Mix [2017 Remaster])8:07
10. Powder Productions Let It Come (Original Mix [2017 Remaster])6:04
11. Mateo & Matos, Kevin McKay Keep on Dancin (Kevin McKay Remix [2017 Remaster])6:23
12. Muzique Tropique Shipwrecked (Original Mix [2017 Remaster])7:00
13. Mateo & Matos Happy Feelin (Original Mix [2015 Remaster])6:41
14. Scoper & Bubba Use Your Imagination (Original Mix [2015 Remaster])5:44
15. Muzique Tropique Stella Sunday (Original Mix [2015 Remaster])6:40
16. Mateo & Matos Stay with Me (Original Mix [2015 Remaster])6:38
17. Sixteen Souls Late Night Jam (Original Mix [2015 Remaster])7:30
18. Mateo & Matos Body-N-Soul (Original Mix [2017 Remaster])6:29
19. LHK Productions Danger Zone (Original Mix [2017 Remaster])6:12
20. Mateo & Matos, Kevin McKay The Real Thing (Kevins Heavy Heavy Dub [2015 Remaster])9:52
21. Two Lone Swordsmen, Muzique Tropique Kingston (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix [2015 Remaster])8:36
22. Muzique Tropique Jazz the Sea Turtle (Original Mix [2015 Remaster])6:26
23. Romanthony & DJ Predator Do You Wanna Dance (Original Mix [2017 Remaster])8:20
24. Mateo & Matos Release the Rhythm (Original Mix [2015 Remaster])6:19
25. Studio Blue Just a Mood (Original Mix [2015 Remaster])7:54
26. Romanthony Floorpiece (Original Extended Version [2015 Remaster])9:48
27. DJ Sneak, Mateo & Matos Got a Message (Dj Sneaks Messenger Mix [2015 Remaster])8:13
28. Romanthony & DJ Predator Clap Ya Handz (#1 Extended Mix [2015 Remaster])13:40
29. DJ Q Disco Partae (Original Mix [2017 Remaster])6:22
30. Powder Productions Future (Original Mix [2015 Remaster])6:58
31. LHK Productions Lets Keep It Together (Original Mix [2017 Remaster])6:45
32. Mateo & Matos Dont Let It Go (Original Mix [2017 Remaster])6:30
33. LHK Productions Soul Music (Original Mix [2017 Remaster])7:42
34. Ashley Beedle, Cassio Baby Love (Black Science Orchestra Superman Lover Vocal [2015 Remaster])7:20
35. DJ Q Fog Bound (Original Mix [2015 Remaster])7:10
36. Mateo & Matos, George T. Release the Rhythm (George T.s Unreleased Rhythm [2017 Remaster])4:35
37. Sixteen Souls On My Mind (Original Mix [2015 Remaster])7:33
38. Mateo & Matos, Slam Release the Rhythm (Slam Counter Plan Mix [2015 Remaster])8:08
39. Mateo & Matos Just a Dab (Original Mix [2015 Remaster])6:31
40. Uschi Classen, Jersey Street Disappear (Expression Dub [2015 Remaster])6:39
41. Muzique Tropique, Cassio Baby Love (Muzique Tropiques Love the Bass Remix [2015 Remaster])5:44
42. DJ Q The Original Porn King (Original Mix [2015 Remaster])9:39
43. Powder Productions Dirt Bag (Original Mix [2015 Remaster])6:38
44. Teddy G Zis Not a Rap Song (Original Mix [2015 Remaster])6:26
45. Mateo & Matos Stomp Your Feet (Original Mix [2015 Remaster])7:31
46. Idjut Boys & Quakerman Radio Rage (Original Mix [2015 Remaster])6:18
47. DJ Q Fifty & Then (Original Mix [2015 Remaster])9:03
48. Milton Jackson Dimensional (Original Mix [2015 Remaster])6:51
49. Idjut Boys, Tek Box Move Your Hips (Idjut Boys Edit [2015 Remaster])5:46
50. Jersey Street Born Again (Vocal Mix [2015 Remaster])9:55
51. Kevin McKay, J Paul Getto What U Want (J Paul Getto Classic Mix)7:12
52. CamelPhat The Quad (Original Mix)6:09
53. Romanthony, Claptone Floorpiece (Claptone Remix)7:00
54. Metodi Hristov Step Outside (Original Mix)6:01
55. Mihalis Safras, Raffa FL, Mat.Joe Freedom (Mat.Joe Remix)6:54
56. Kevin McKay The Oooh Song (Original Mix)5:29
57. Illyus & Barrientos Touch My Mind (Original Mix)4:43
58. Romanthony, Motor City Drum Ensemble Trust (MCDE Deep Mix)7:52
59. Dennis Cruz, Andy MacDougall Shaman (Dennis Cruz Remix)6:38
60. Kevin McKay Crazy About You (Original Mix)5:20
61. Landmark Just a Minute (Original Mix)7:13
62. CamelPhat, Illyus & Barrientos Strings (Camelphat Remix)5:59
63. Grum Reflections (Original Mix)7:25
64. PAX, Danny Howard Two Three One (PAX Remix)6:58
65. Romanthony Let Me Show You Love (Oliver $ Remix) (Original Mix)6:46
66. Sante Sansone Leave Together (Original Mix)5:45
67. Metodi Hristov Popcorned (Original Mix)6:45
68. Daniel Trim O Day (Original Mix)8:44
69. Petar Dundov, Grum Sunday Blue Sky (Petar Dundov Remix)7:07
70. Grum, Kevin McKay Body Talk (Grum Remix)6:50
71. Dixon, Romanthony The Wanderer (Dixon Edit)7:06
72. Grum Everytime (Andre Crom Remix) (Original Mix)8:00
73. Kevin McKay You Got Me Down (Original Mix)6:20
74. De La Swing No Rules (Original Mix)6:51
75. Gerd, Romanthony Let Me Show You Love (Gerds Crooklyn Full Vox Mix)8:14
76. Grum The Theme (Original Mix)7:14
77. Daniel Trim Asimo (Original Mix)7:44
78. Freeform Five, Romanthony, Kevin McKay Trust (Kevin McKay 2015 Refix)10:20
79. Brett Gould Rhythm Drop (Original Mix)6:18
80. Illyus & Barrientos Do Anything You Wanna (Original Mix)6:21
81. Romanthony, Supernova What $ Love (Supernova Dirty Mix) (Original Mix)6:50
82. Olivier Giacomotto, Metodi Hristov Step Outside (Olivier Giacomotto Remix)7:13
83. Grum, Jaceo Feel It Everywhere (Jaceo Sunrise Dub)6:12
84. Romanthony, NiCe7 Too Long (Nice7 Remix)7:04
85. Oxia, Daniel Trim Novi (Oxia Remix)6:35
86. Piemont, Sabb High Top (Sabb Remix)7:27
87. Romanthony, Doctor Dru Too Long (Doctor Dru Remix)7:53
88. Kevin McKay, Kaiserdisco What You Gonna Do (Kaiserdisco Remix)6:44
89. Landmark Fire Moment (Original Mix)7:14
90. Kevin McKay, OC and Verde Balance Work (OC & Verde Remix)9:01
91. Dalfie Love Me Dont (Original Mix)7:27
92. Rudosa Eyes on You (Original Mix)7:20
93. Grum, Kevin McKay Dark Train (Original Mix)5:54
94. Mash Style Is the Answer (Original Mix) (Original Mix)6:49
95. Grum, Kevin McKay Shooting Star (Extended Mix)7:58
96. CASSIMM, Lolly Campbell Got Something(Feat. Lolly Campbell) (Original Mix)6:50
97. Cj Jeff Keep Watching Me (Original Mix)6:30
98. Kevin McKay, Alaia & Gallo Pushin from the Walls (Kevin McKay Remix)6:46
99. Landmark Teenage Craze (Original Mix)6:47
100. Illyus & Barrientos Strings (Original Mix)6:45

Various Artists - Glasgow Underground 1997-2017 (2017) 320.rar
Various Artists - Glasgow Underground 1997-2017 (2017) [WEB FLAC].rar


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