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Paul Mccartney - Egypt Station [Capitol]

Artist: Paul Mccartney
Label: Capitol
Catalog: 00602557696509
Released: 07.09.2018
Type: Album
Style: Rock

01.Opening Station(0:42)
02.I Don't Know(4:27)
03.Come On To Me(4:11)
04.Happy With You(3:34)
05.Who Cares(3:13)
06.Fuh You(3:24)
08.People Want Peace(2:59)
09.Hand In Hand(2:35)
11.Back In Brazil(3:21)
12.Do It Now(3:17)
13.Caesar Rock(3:29)
14.Despite Repeated Warnings(6:58)
15.Station II(0:47)
16.Hunt You Down/Naked/C-Link(6:25)
17. Get Started (3:41)
18. Nothing For Free (3:15)

http://uploadboy.me/ysp0f6jhlq35/Paul McCartney - Egypt Station (2018).rar.html


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