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Moby - Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt [2018]

Artist: Moby
Label: Little Idiot
Catalog: IDIOT60CD
Released: 02.03.2018
Type: Album
Style: Electronic, Lossless, Downtempo, Trip-hop

1. Mere Anarchy 5:15
2. The Waste of Suns 4:44
3. Like a Motherless Child 4:37
4. The Last of Goodbyes 4:23
5. The Ceremony of Innocence 3:56
6. The Tired and the Hurt 4:28
7. Welcome to Hard Times 5:08
8. The Sorrow Tree 4:28
9. Falling Rain and Light 4:46
10. The Middle is Gone 5:13
11. This Wild Darkness 4:09
12. A Dark Cloud is Coming 5:24

The new LP sees him returning to his "soul, trip-hop and gospel roots," the label says. The lead single, "Like A Motherless Child," featuring Los Angeles singer Raquel Rodriguez, is a loose cover of the well-known spiritual of the same name, which has its origins in the slave songs of the American South. "The track describes the void left when one feels separated from a parent, higher power or similar guiding force," the label continues.

Moby also made a YouTube playlist of tracks that influenced "Like A Motherless Child." It begins with his new video for the single.




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